For Every Woman

Knowledge is a key tool women can use to advocate for their own breast health.

This site is designed to help women learn more about breast cancer risk factors, breast cancer screening options, and options for additional testing where it might be appropriate.

Different tests for different breasts.

Mammograms are THE exam women need to begin to monitor their breast health. But mammograms are just the starting point. Forty percent1 of U.S. women have dense breasts which can hide cancer on a mammogram.

The Importance of Breast Density





Each woman should learn about her personal breast cancer risk factors and about the importance of knowing her breast density. Dense breasts are normal - but also increase the risk for breast cancer.

If your breasts are dense (more than 50% fibroglandular tissue), you may need more testing after your mammogram to help assess your breast health. Every woman is different, every breast is different.


What DO women know about breast density?

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